Baking Soda Saved her life


When Clotilde Jimenez was 41 years old, she was suffering from strong gastric Pains. “They said I was having a heart attack,” says Jimenez now 62, of the incident. There are many studies citing the benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda.  Including studies about baking soda’s possible effects on cancer

Jimenez and Mother Icilda Wright (1931-2016) (PHOTO: Courtesy of Clotilde Jimenez)


Jimenez, was at the time visiting with her mother when she felt excruciating intermittent pain in her chest. “My mother made a potion,”  She says of her mother Icilda Wright, now deceased.  “She took the baking soda and put it in a lemon juice, and called the ambulance.”

baking soda and lemon Juice
Baking Soda and Lemon juice (Photo: S.K. Allen)

The potion, as she calls it, was made in a dry glass.  She had mixed ½ teaspoon of the powder, and lemon juice, then it is drunk while the liquid bubbles up.  This is a way to prepare the concoction that gives it a consistency of an antacid.

Bicarbonate is a miracle product that does more than what it was intended for.  According to Web MD, it’s power lies with the pH (power of Hydrogen). It has the power to alter the pH level when mixed with an acid like lemon juice.  Lemons contain health benefits, that help with digestion.  When baking soda is added, it works as an anti-acid and helps with gastric bloating and flatulence. Lemon and baking soda bring near immediate relief with acid reflux,  which is when hydrochloric acid raises up into the esophagus.  The burning sensation is often mistaken as cardiac pain. “When the Paramedic called it in, he had said he was calling in a black female with a heart attack.”

After drinking the baking soda and lemon juice “potion” the intermittent pain began to subside. “By the time I got to the hospital, there was no pain.  The doctors saw no sign of heart attack.” It is no surprise, as baking soda improves cardiovascular health by regulating levels of LDL (bad Cholesterol), and helps with the release of gasses, changes the pH of the Acid in the stomach.

“I’m not saying that baking soda cured a heart attack, but it certainly saved my life.”

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