Free Legwarmers Concert at Tyson’s Corner’s Plaza

View of The Plaza at Tyson’s Corner (Photo: S.K. Allen)

Elevated 32 feet in the air between Tyson’s Corner Center and the Silver Line Metro Station, The Plaza creates a venue for exceptional events in the area.  Every weekend Fresh FM [94.7], a radio station under the CBS umbrella, co-hosts concerts featuring “fresh artists”.  High ponytails and Neon abound As The Tyson’s Corner Summer Concert Series kicks off with beloved local 80’s tribute band The Legwarmers.

Kids playing Jenga at The Plaza in Tyson’s Corner before the Legwarmers Concert. (Photo: S.K.Allen)

“We have all sorts of things planned this summer at the Plaza” Larkin, Tyson’s Corner employee says.  “The music is great and is free.  You can’t beat that for a Friday evening.”

Concert goers in “hair band” costumes enjoying the music. (Photo: S.K.Allen)

The tribute band plays all the greats from the Decade, covering Queen, Madonna, and many others.  Having Taken the DC area by storm, The Legwarmers have been together for the last 15 years, Chet Reno and his group of dedicated 80’s music enthusiasts do the songs the way they were meant to be done.

It is a family affair.  The Families of the band members interacting with the fans, dancing and just enjoying the atmosphere.  “This is fun; they have this great following.”  Elizabeth Harris Wife of front man Chet Reno “They [Fans] come to all their concerts dressed in 80’s clothes It’s Great.”

A mom and son that recently moved north from Virginia Beach, enjoying the sun and music.  “I have been dying to see them since they played in Virginia Beach years ago.  I was so excited to know they were going to be here.”  Stephanie says of the Legwarmers.

Don and Donna Calvert Legwarmers Fans (Photo: S.K. Allen)


“They really capture the Magic of the 80’s” Legwarmers enthusiast Don Calvert states, “It sounds the way it’s supposed to.”

“So true,” says his companion Donna.  “I have been following them for years.

The feeling of the plaza vibrating as the band plays “Don’t stop Believing” by Journey.  The nostalgia washes over the crowd and they are transported.  Not only those who know the 80’s but their children and fans of great music jump to the rhythm and make the overhang sway.

“I came out here because my friend’s asked me to dinner.” Tammy, a passerby said on her way to her intended destination.  “I love these guys!  I didn’t know they were there and this was a pleasant surprise.”

The Legwarmers Tour the Northern Virginia area throughout the summer.  This includes Tarara Winery on July 8th.  Bottle and Cork on July 29th and The State Theater on July 30th.

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