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Hello, Happy readers and welcome to the New SKAllenonline.  This Blog paired with the Shey makes it happen Vlogging Channel on YouTube has turned a more personal look at the author S.K. Allen who has the resolution to Make more positive changes in her life in the year 2018.

This vlog will post three times a week to bring Vlog post and some content for that channel and today being the first day of the year, The blog will talk about New Years Resolutions.

New Year resolutions are an incredible goal setting tool.  It is a clear outline of what you want the next year to look like.  It is the perfect time for goal setting and strategic life planning.  This sets you up for success in the coming year because with a laser focus on goals we look for and capture opportunities to make them happen.

5 Reasons New Years Resolutions don’t work

  1. They are not for everyone.  You have to have the right head space to resolve something.  Seeing the value of goal setting makes all of the difference in whether you succeed in the process or not.
  2. It’s just a little nerdy.  People who have loved all their lives without goal setting may have grown up with a mental picture of how Corny it was.  The media doesn’t help by showing those goal-oriented characters in the slightly negative light.  Viewing them as rigid and not creative.  SO if you have had those views in the past, you tend to feel a little self-conscious when people spot you trying to change the direction of your life to reach your goals.  I mean,  your perfection should be viewed as effortless.
  3. Inconsistency.  Inconsistency is the most given excuse as to why people won’t make resolutions.  I will just give up anyway.  But if you don’t write your goals down your brain is not going to prioritize it as something that needs to be worked on.
  4. We want it now syndrome.  When you set a resolution we want instant results.  When your goals are too far out of reach, you convince yourself that you are not good enough or what you are doing is just not going to work.  Yes, it is good to set big goals, but you have to make sure that there are Micro goals that are reachable on the way to the big aspirations.
  5. You set your sights on micro goals and only micro goals.  if your ultimate resolution is a micro goal it will not change the direction of your life.  so then it is not worth your effort.  You have to set your goal high enough to strive for but low enough to reach so that you feel you have made some progress.  I mean, that’s why Candy Crush is such a popular game.

Lazer focus helps.  There are planners that help with goal setting.  Such as the Law of Attraction Daily Planner – Deluxe Daily Calendar and Gratitude Journal to Increase Productivity, Happiness & Time Management – Non Dated, A5 Rose Gold Hardcover + Bonus Stickers

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