Via Colori Making Down Town Fredericksburg Beautiful.

This weekend, artists in picturesque Downtown Fredericksburg painted the town …  Multicolor.  Via Colori an annual event took place this weekend despite the rain.

Via Colori stems from an old world Italian tradition, where volunteer artists would gather and paint on the road.  Corey White and Via Colori bring it to life in modern times to raise money for the Boy Scouts of America.


Artist of all ages gathered at the intersection of Sophia and   Charlotte Getting down and dirty with Chalk as a medium. The event also had vendors, and a kiddy artist lot, for budding artists. The artist community sharing tips and tricks as all learn new things from each other.


The Featured Artist Tricia Atkinson, Owner of Figure 8 ink studios, tattoo artist and Art instructor recreating one of Van Goh’s paintings, beginning her work during the rainy morning on Saturday.   Atkinson, Alumni of Full Sail University, was a High school teacher for Spotsylvania County.  “I retired from teaching so that I could run my school full time.”


The rain deterred some artist from being there on Saturday, however, Sunday brought Via Colori a whole new life.  It wasn’t long before opening that the street was full of artists drawing.  By noon spectators came, Including the furry kind.


Many of these artists return year after year. “It’s so much fun,” States one Artist, as it had been her third year in a row of coming to the event.  “It’s something fun to do.”


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