Women Reflect on The Elections and What a Trump Presidency Could Mean

(photo: S.K. Allen)

This week America elected a new president.  President Elect Donald Trump ran a race full of criticism because of statements that he made.  Statements that had his critics calling him a racist Misogynist.  Thus making this election Critical for people of Color, Immigrants, those in the LGBT Communities and Women.

Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 200k votes, President-Elect Trump was chosen by the Electoral College.  Having many wondering why we even need it and leading many to protest in the street.  The Electoral college is there so that no one state has more say than any others. There are 538 electors and to win they need 270 electors. Hillary Clinton got 215 votes to President Trumps 289.

There have been reports of a small possibility that the results of the election could change If the electors chose on December 19th to go rogue and vote their conscience instead of their party.  None of these electors has to vote by way of the party.  But this is a rare occurrence, and Clinton would need 20 electors to vote their conscience to win.

Jenn Coolidge, Executive committee secretary for Stafford Democrats and her former suffragette outside of a polling place in Stafford Virginia. (Photo: S.K. Allen)

This election was especially important to women. “This is an important time for women,” Jenn Coolidge former Executive committee secretary for Stafford Democrats says on Election day as she stands next to her suffragette.  “because so many issues facing women with respect to education and opportunity are on the line.” There was an overwhelming number of  women that came out to vote for the first female president.  Yet you have 43% of the female vote go toward President Elect Trump. “(the presidency) Set us so back Little boys are already attacking little girls saying of the president can do it so can we.” In a post-election interview.  “The Republic is in peril”

Esther Shutts, a student at The University of Valley Forge is a first-time voter. (Photo: S.K. Allen)

The day after The election was an emotional one for many.  Those Republicans that did want Trump as their president Rejoiced, with many pleas in social media for all others to stop whining about their loss.  But those that did not vote republican, both democrats and republican, had some mixed Feelings. “I’m very disappointed,” Esther Shutts student at The University of Valley Forge said Wednesday after the election. “I thought America was better than voting in a bigot.”


Reverend Kimberly Lindeman, Associate Pastor at Triangle Baptist Church is a Conservative Libertarian. (S.K. Allen)

Both Democrats and Republicans were surprised at this win, “I’m a little worried.” Reverend Kimberly Lindeman; an independent voter who runs a conservative household stated. “I didn’t vote for him, but I’m not pleased with either viable choice, Trump or Clinton, but I thought it’s better to stick with the Devil I know. Because I can deal with sexism.  I shouldn’t have to, but I can’t deal with the things that I believe that Hillary would have brought to the presidency.”


Women are a rising force for good in this country.  They, along with Immigrants, people of color and the LGBTQ communities, are the ones that could take a huge hit from this New source of power.

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