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Stafford County, Virginia is not only a growing suburban area, it also has historic roots in the Civil War era. Established in 1664, Stafford was named after Staffordshire, England. With its 350 years of documented historic accounts, Stafford has supplied many places to see that should soothe the history buff’s soul.

There are 14 historical parks full of natural beauty in the Stafford, to explore.  Including Historic Architecture, archaeology, Civil War Parks and more.

Historic Aquia Church (photo:S.K. Allen)
Historic Aquia Church (photo:S.K. Allen)

The Historic Aquia Church, built between 1751-1757, is one of the oldest active colonial churches still in operation in America today. Aquia Church is designated a National Historic Landmark not only noted for its three-tiered wooden pulpit which has hand-painted calligraphy on wood behind the altar, displaying The Lord’s Prayer and The Ten Commandments, and the Aquia stone trim. The church survived three wars as evidenced by the names of soldiers and war units carved on the stone on the side.

Cove at Aquia Landing Park

Another historic site that boasts of its very own natural beauty, is Aquia Landing Park.  It is a public beach open year-round, steeped in history.  It was the site of the end of the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad line.  Thus an important transportation point between D.C. and Richmond and the first place to see some naval fire. This was also an important stop on the Underground Railroad to Freedom, being the exit point for 10,000 enslaved people who liberated themselves from slavery.

Jackson Hoyt fishing for pan fish at historic Government Island Park (photo: S.K. Allen)
Jackson Hoyt fishing for pan fish at historic Government Island Park (photo: S.K. Allen)

Stafford has some Natural beauty.  Government Island is a nature preserve and archaeological site. It is the Quarry where the U.S. Government’s most Famous Buildings were born. This site provided Aquia sandstone for the construction of the U.S. Capitol and the White House and many other historic buildings in Washington D.C.   Today it houses many species of plants aquatic and other native birds and wildlife.

350 years, steeped in history and beauty and growing.  Stafford County, Virginia is a study in what America is, where it has been, and where it soon will be.


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